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This is a page for all my links. Down below is some ways you can contact me, my email, my discord, and newgrounds page. Please do not email me unless i said somewhere on my website you can email me for a specific reason,if you have a question,if you dont have discord and want to talk to me, or if you are emailing me about your website.If you want to say something about my website just comment it on my guestbook. I am always down for a chat so if you wish to talk to me, contact me on discord i often check my discord and will most likely see your message very quickly. I am not very good at small talk so please dont mind if im not very talkative.


My discord:blossom #5516

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Down below are some helpful sites, for you to use.
Just click on them to be redirected to the site.

w3schools-a site with tutorials for coding

a neocities tutorial by sadgrl

a button maker by sadgrl

Below is a list of fun websites to explore

Has a bunch of gifs to use

Also has many gif and resources