Hi i am blossom the creator of this site! Have fun and stay a while! (๑˃ᴗ˂๑)

Welcome to my site!(work in progress)


!!Just a note this webpage is unfinished and many of the links dont lead to anything!!

Hello traveler! Welcome to my webpage. This is a personal webpage all about the things I love! I love to code and have created a place you can explore about food, books, baking, film, art and much more! The internet is so boring these days why not spice it up with an amazing webpage! (Warning I am not done with this webpage more to come soon!!)

On the left you can see a "menu" bar where you will find alot of links. If you want to learn more about the webmaster go to "about me." If you want recipes go to my "cookbook" On my "blog" page you can read blogs about different topics like films, books, and food.


This webpage is all about the things i take interest in like food, books, film, art and much more keep reading to learn a little more about this site!

I love to code and had a previous website on neocites on this account. There were some technical difficulties with that old code so i redisgned my website to this! I want to continue to code and learn more html and css and maybe even some other kinds of coding!

If you like books, films, food, or art you have come to the right place as those are my main interests. This website has a cookbook that i use to share some of my favorite foods/recipes. I have a blog page to talk about some of my fav shows and movies. I have a page for all the books i have read in the past and would like to read in the future. I have a page showcasing some of my art and some comics(to come) Hope you have fun and come back soon!