Welcome to my Blog!(work in progress)


Hello traveler! Welcome to my weblog or blossomblog i am blossom and this is my blog! Most of these blogs are written by me but some are collaborations with my friend! I have articles about many different topics so check those out! Here are some topics i focus on.


The Film section of my blog is all about some of my favorite movies and style of film. The Coding section is all about coding and even some tutorials on coding. The "Collaboration" section is a blog with my friend


On my blog i like to include all the things i take interest in like film, coding and much more keep reading to learn a little more about this blogpage!

I started coding in html and css about a year ago so i want to help out all the people who arent very good at it yet and to help people start their own website if they havent yet! I am not finished yet, but soon i will launch articles about how you can start your own website using neocities!

If you like films or coding you have come to the right place as those are some of my interests. This blog is not finshed yet but there are many articles to come! Below is a checklist of some of the blog posts i would like to make

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