The phantom of the opera


The phantom of the opera is a tragic love story. The 2004 film was based of the 1986 musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The film is about a phantom, who lives under the Paris Opera House. He teaches a young girl, Christine, to sing and eventually falls in love with her. This page is dedicated to the 2004 movie since I love it so much. It has information about the movie and covers some of what happens, but not all. There are also spoilers (obviously). The movie is such a masterpiece and you should watch it!



There are many characters in this movie but here is a short summary of the most important.



Christine Daaé is the main character. She is a young soprano and the daughter of Gustave Daaé, who died when she was seven leaving her an orphan. In the movie she has two love interests, Raoul (her childhood friend), and Erik (The Phantom). She has to choose of the two and in the end she chooses Raoul.



Raoul de Chagny is one of the main characters. He is the protagonist as well as Christine. The two of them are not just friends but were also childhood sweethearts. Raoul loves Christine and wants to protect her from The Phantom.


The phantom

The phantom had many names but is often referred to as “the angel of music” and referred to as his real name “Erik.” He is one of the main characters and the antagonist. He is a musical genius who wears a mask because of a facial deformity.



I love all the scenes in the movie, but these are my favorite scenes.


Scene 1

When Raoul shows up to Christine’s dressing room. It is a beautiful scene where the two of them see each other for the first time since their childhood. They have both grown and changed yet still love each other. It is a scene both beautiful in the metaphorical sense and literally since there are so many flowers and it just looks beautiful.


Scene 2

Another scene I really love is when Christine goes to the cemetery. At first all is peaceful and Christine is walking in the snow. But then a voice emerges as she is at her fathers grave and it is the phantom posing as Christine’s father. When Raoul arrives it results in a very cool fight scene with him and the Phantom in the snow. Raoul almost kills the phantom but Christine stops him, showing her real compassion and kindness to the phantom.


Scene 3

The last scene that I really enjoy is the rooftop scene. When the phantom hung the from the rod d Christine got folgte Ed and ran to the rooftop with Raoul. Not only is it when Raoul and Christine confess their love for each other, but it also shows how much the Phantom loves Christine. When the Phantom hears the two of them talking to each other he is heart broken. He sings alone crying in the darkness and the rose he was holding petals fell off to show the rose was broken and to symbolize his broken heart.

Emmy rossum

Emmy rossum was the actress that played Christine in the movie. Not only did she do an amazing job acting, but she also did the singing. She’s got a remarkable voice and did all the singing as Christine in The phantom of the Opera at only sixteen years old!



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