About me!


Female    She/her    Capricorn   Infj  

Hello, I am the webmaster of this website, you can call me blossom. I’m not very good at introductions but down below you can see some things about me.                        

Hobbies: reading,drawing,baking, listening to music, coding

Favorite Games:pokemon, minecraft, kirby and the forgotten land

Favorite color: pink

Zodiac Sign: capricorn

Favorite artists/bands: smashing pumpkins, nada surf , gorilliaz , david bowie, pavement

Favorite animal: cats

Favorite food: pizza

Race: asain


what junji ito character are you?

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What pokemon are you?

                                                                                                       Which Doko Demo Issyo Pokepi are you most like?



So far i have only won one award but there are more to come!