I think the modern web is just some crap, you rarely see good or interesting websites anymore. Even the websites that are supposed to be fun or cool are not.All websites now are so boring and plain and very run of the mill, by that I mean it’s just like every other website. The web now is just repetitive, the same thing over and over and over and it honestly sucks.That’s why I love neocities so much, all the pages are different from each other. Sure, it might have a similar page or theme as other sites, but every page has something new to bring. And, that’s exactly what the modern web is missing, there are some fun websites but they aren’t truly. They don’t have that extra thing, something to make it great, it might be fun, a way to pass your time, but is it plain and the same as every other website yes! That’s what I absolutely hate,that’s what I believe the problem is, why is it all the same, so redundant and unneeded, the web doesn’t need anymore fun websites, it needs different websites, interesting and interactive websites, things that people will want to come back to, to explore, like neocities pages. Instead of the same thing again and again, get what I mean? I encourage everyone to make their own website, if they can. I will be posting some more blog entries about how you can do that very soon, so you to can start your own neocities page!

Thats all for now goodbye!