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I love both movies and tv shows so much, but there is a big difference between the two. Today I’m going to talk about some of the key differences and how it helps to develop the overall story and changes what you take away from the tv show or movie.


Movies have many different elements that contribute to the production and message of the movie. Some of those elements are...



The length of a movie is an important part of how the movie plays out. Producers have to create a movie using a limited number of scenes that blend well together. These scenes should set up a story and create the plot of the movie. Often times the story in a movie isn’t long and while it can be developed further, with a sequel or prequel, a good movie has to be able to utilize the time it has to construct a deeper message and make the movie something great. Therefore, movies have less time to focus on things like character development and can focus more on the plot and the overarching story.



The length of a movie limits character development and growth, and you don’t get to see them change as much as you can in tv shows, despite that characters can still change throughout the course of a movie. Characters are created to be charismatic and relatable to draw in the attention of the viewers and to get them to like or interact with the characters.



Cinematography also plays an important role in movie production. The shots in the movie have to not only match the story but also the theme you are trying to create. Movies have a lot of cinematography and those beautiful scenes are also what make the film so unique and interesting. A good movie can draw you in with cinematography and the characters and story keep you interested in it. Special effects, movement, and so much more can be used in cinematography to make a movie so much better than it already is. The way a movie looks can create its theme and helps the story to flow better because you get a feel of what it’s really about.


There are many elements of a movie that contribute to the plot and theme but overall the length and cinematography are my favorite parts as they create a short and compelling movie that you can easily be immersed in. This is why I prefer movies to tv shows.

Tv shows



Tv shows are longer than movies and this results in the story being developed in a different way. Often times in movies there is a climax or a point of the movie where the tension and excitement is highest. In tv shows this point still exists but looks a little different, it may be in the form of an episode or multiple, instead of just a scene or two. There are also multiple climactic episodes for each season. The length adds more depth to the show and allows for more of a backstory, this makes it a lot easier to develop the show over time. Because of the length of a show you may watch it over a long period of time as opposed to a movie where you watch it all in one sitting. Since tv shows are usually broken up through seasons that are released separately instead of all at once, viewers can feel more connected to the show because you have been watching it longer than a movie.



The length also gives tv shows more time to explore certain elements. One of those key elements is characters. Tv shows have more time to really show growth in characters, while in a movie characters can change and even redeem themselves, in a show it is more interesting and you can see exactly how and why a character might have changed. The length of shows also allows the viewers to watch characters grow from being a young and naive kid to a mature and knowledgeable adult. Especially if a show has many seasons and goes on for many years, viewers might feel as if they’ve grown with the characters creating a special bond between them and the show. A good show has characters that relate to audiences to really connects with them.



Shows also have cinematography and there are many cinematic elements and features that make it look a certain way, giving it a theme and making it connect with the story. Cinematography isn’t just limited to the way a film looks but also how it feels. Things like music, lighting, and effects are major cinematic elements that make a movie or show feel a certain way. You may recognize a show from a soundtrack or color scheme. Having these elements in your show makes it more recognizable and appealing to viewers.



Images of different movies are shown below.

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