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I love fashion so this page is dedicated to it. It’s a place where I share all my thoughts on fashion.  


What is fashion?

Fashion is a form of art and self-expression. To me fashion is about stylish clothes. About shiny shoes that match your sweater, it’s about expressing yourself through your personal style. But generally fashion is used to describe clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup, of different cultures and styles.


Personal style

What exactly does personal style look like? A personal style is a like a regular style but with more of your own twist on it. Adapting a style that you like and suits you is a task that can take many years to accomplish. Often times styles are based off a main color scheme and articles of clothing that fit into the vibe or aesthetic. Someones personal style most likely doesn’t have a name since it's just whatever they like.


My personal style

My style doesn’t have a name and often times is just articles of clothing I like, although my style can not be named I feel it can be described. And below i have described it as best as I can.


Accessories and Other

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